Why MULLIGAN started...


Why Judy Schaefer started MULLIGAN Club an organized year-round field hockey program. Your answer is easy.  Even though she put together showcase teams for many years there was not an Orange County, California field hockey club catering  to the athlete that trains together and competes in more than twenty-five years.


Driven to show Orange County has some of the best athletes in the country along with her love of the sport, pushes a campaign to elevate athletes, especially young women athletes, with another opportunity to play out admirable college careers representing the west coast region.  As a collegiate athlete herself, Judy has spent a career making change and gaining recognition to our region to level out the playing field given to east coast players where hockey is more prevalent.




About us…


MULLIGAN Field Hockey Club cultivates and develops all athletes in team based opportunity.  Teaching "inspired athletes become champions" as a model and tool for life skills. Even if you do not have the intent to become a collegiate athlete but you are moviated to play your very best, do not miss out on learning skills, new tactics, vision, discipline, strong work ethic, and build mentally tough decision making skills to help you for a life time. 


Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide athletes with ability, desire and commitment to play at their highest potential. Athletes learn with a progressive teaching method that is aligned with USA Field Hockey junior development strategy improving all athletes’ technical and tactical ability.

Through the DIVOTS teams we foster grade school, middle school and high school level. Further  we have  teams that focus on college and adult level.

MULLIGAN Field Hockey Club offers programs consisting of select travel teams, league play, development clinics, private lessons and summer camps. 


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